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3 out of 5 Creepy Stars for this one!
Great for anyone who is out for a quick read and brief escape from reality. In my opinion, there were some critical elements which are missing… but an entertaining read nonetheless.

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The Dead Boxes archives

5 out of 5 Lingering stars for this one! I would give The Dead Boxes Archives my highest recommendation for all adult readers. However, do yourself a favor and keep the lights on while you read it. This a treat which simply cannot be missed!

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Perfect Soul

In the novel Perfect Soul by author S.J. Hermann, we get a first hand look at the darkness which may lurk in the hearts of some who hide behind such a wholesome facade. A creepy and intriguing read which will bewitch you from start to finish!
5 out of 5 Righteous Stars for this one! *****

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Stage 3: Bravo

5 out of 5 Captivating Stars for this one
An action packed and exhilarating novel which explores the characteristics of friendship and loyalty amidst the backdrop of a relentless zombie infestation.

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