Is there really other life out there? Are we truly alone in this Universe, or is there other life just waiting to be discovered? If so, perhaps we are the ones who are under the microscope. Maybe extraterrestrial beings have been watching us all along without our knowledge. It is certainly an exciting- yet chilling possibility. Indeed, what if this alien race is hostile and looking to conquer and claim a new world? Malice in their hearts and Hell bent upon inflicting utter domination. What would happen to humanity as we know it? Would it lie down and accept its fate…or rise up? In the novel Scavenged by author Scott Arbuckle, we get to see such an intriguing scenario take place first hand. For fans of powerful and captivating Science fiction, this is a must read!

The story takes place in the year 2032. The world as we know it ceases to exist. It has been taken over by an alien race. The humans on the planet are either dead or exist as slaves to serve their masters who are known as the “Greys.” Chaos and outright callousness permeate this new world.

It is in this cruel reality in which we meet Orion Danes. He is a teenager who, after being abducted and experimented upon by the Greys, is given powerful and devastating cybernetic augmentation. No longer an ordinary teenager, Orion is changed into a lethal killing machine. While coming to terms with this new and unwelcome reality, Orion meets a psionic by the name of Lyra, and a hardened resistance fighter called Auriga. This trio bands together to explore this new world, and are determined upon striking a death blow to the Greys. Be that as it may, around every corner lurks a new and horrific danger. They must battle a whole host of foes and find new allies in the process. Does this group really have what it takes to save humanity? Or are they hanging onto something which disappeared a long time ago… with precious little chance of revival.

There can be little doubt that the plot of this novel is super engaging. It contains plenty of action and the pacing is excellent. There are also a plethora of twists and turns which will keep the reader continually guessing and predicting what will come next. It is a hard book to put down. Further, while the story-line is entirely exciting, it is cleverly backed up by the human experience theme of survival. Fighting on and never giving up… despite the overwhelming odds. This captivating theme gives further credibility to the non-stop action which is contained within the pages. All of this takes place in a world built by the author which I would describe as futuristic and dystopian in nature, with a very strong dash of hope!

The three main characters in this story are also well developed and quite believable. This is odd considering that one of them is essentially a cyborg and another a mind-frying psionic. Not the typical people you will run into on a walk down the street! However, their continual growth and interactions are what make these characters so plausible. For instance, the budding romance between Orion and Lyra feels sweet, authentic and genuine. The reader will inevitably be rooting for them. Interestingly, they are presented alongside Auriga who is the quintessential tough guy with a heart of gold. The various players in the novel are both satisfying and plausible.

Scott Arbuckle’s writing has a very nice flow to it. Sometimes it gets tripped up by overly complicated language, but that occurs a very limited number of times and should not distract the reader. The author undoubtedly has a very imaginative mind and that comes shining through in the novel.

I highly recommend this book to all lovers of Science fiction, and to those who love a really good story! There is some violence in it but it is not overly graphic or gory in nature.

5 out of 5 Alluring Stars for this one!