Do you believe that we all have a soulmate in life? Somebody who is simply made for us and fully understands our unique ins and outs. All others just simply pale in comparison. What would you do in order to discover and hang onto such love? Would you fight for it no matter what comes your way? Overcoming potential obstacles and barriers along the way so this romantic fate can fully come to fruition. If this notion has captured your interest, then Restart in Bristol by author Sedona Hutton is a must pick. A beautiful romantic tale which will captivate the reader from the start to the finish line!

Restart in Bristol is the third standalone novel in the Racing Hearts in Serenity Contemporary Romance Series. It follows the adventures of high school sweethearts, NASCAR driver Curtis, “C.C.” Clark and beautiful Veterinarian Holly Nicholson.

When life takes a downturn, C.C. moves back to a small town to regroup and ultimately figure out his future. It is here where he encounters his former flame, the beautiful Holly Nicholson. Ten years earlier she had ended their relationship and C.C. never recovered from losing the love of his life. Running into Holly again has given him some new hope… until he notices that she is engaged. Meanwhile, meeting with C.C. has stirred up feelings in Holly which she has been unsuccessfully trying to bury for years. However, Holly is settled with a growing Veterinary Practice. Stability is what she needs- not the unpredictability and nomadic lifestyle of a NASCAR driver. Is the love of these soulmates just not meant to be? Or could there be a higher power at work here which will help love to conquer all?

The plot of this story is current and entirely engaging. Far from being predictable, it will keep the reader continuously guessing as to what is coming next. The author also very capably uses the past to strengthen the present story of the two soulmates. This allows us to understand and fully comprehend the depth of the feelings which exist between the two. There is a story behind the story as it may, and Sedona Hutton skillfully uses this to enhance the tale. Also, it is not all put out there at once. The details are released like the slow drip of an intravenous. It then becomes up to the reader to connect all the dots. Very clever plot development which captivates the reader and powerfully supports the love conquers all theme.

While the plot of Restart in Bristol is engrossing, so are the characters. As the hero and heroine, both C.C. and Holly are very well developed. They are dynamic, believable and entirely memorable. Once again, they are very “current” and modern characters which further contributes to their authenticity factor. Also, by gaining access to their innermost thoughts, we are able to fully comprehend the depth of their feelings for one another. All of this is supported by a nice mix of supporting characters in the novel. I particularly liked Skye. Her positive, quirky and kind nature are the ingredients for a well developed and completely endearing individual. If you have read previous books in the series you will already know some of the other characters which is a nice touch. Be that as it may, make no mistake that this is C.C. and Holly’s story… and they carry it well!

I would highly recommend this novel to all lovers of Contemporary Romance. It is a great story with dynamic and believable characters. There are adult themes and as such it is recommended to an adult audience only.