Have you ever had a dream which was so vivid and intense that you felt it simply had to be real?  A dream which made you forget about your current reality in hopes of continuing to explore this exciting land of milk and honey?  Were you really able to fully distinguish the dream from the real world?  If so… which one did you prefer?  Powerful thoughts indeed!  If this sounds intriguing to you, then you will absolutely love author Nico J. Genes’s novel, Magnetic Reverie.

The story essentially travels back and forth between the main character Lana’s romance with her husband Greg, and a mysterious woman in Slovenia known as Claire.  While one of the relationships appears to be based in reality, the other one only comes to Lana in her dreams.  Throughout the story, Lana is emotionally torn between her two loves.  A handsome, loving and supportive husband- and the fantasy woman of her dreams.  She continually struggles between being content and following societal expectations with Greg, as opposed to succumbing to the forbidden lust, craving and love affair with Claire.

Make no mistake, Magnetic Reverie is an erotic love story which will engage and captivate you from the very first page.  Genes does a wonderful job in developing characters who are truly in crisis mode.  Lana in particular struggles throughout the story with the conflicting emotions of lust-guilt; sadness-joy; anticipation-expectation.  She hates herself for what she is putting both Greg and Claire through, but is really unable to control it.  The journey she undergoes in discovering herself and confronting her reality is quite powerful and enlightening.

While all novels will tend to have an overriding theme, Magnetic Reverie has a number of secondary motifs as well.  For instance, the suffocating chains which come with behaving within the confines of typical societal norms is one such theme which is explored.  This is clearly shown by the way Lana and Claire continually attempt to conceal their relationship in public and disguise their true feelings.  If they step outside such norms they risk exposing themselves to ridicule and judgement.  This is further revealed when you compare this relationship with the one Lana has with Greg.  That match is perceived as “normal” by society and their public displays of affection are numerous and obvious.  Be that as it may, the most powerful theme which exists in the novel is the pursuit for love at all costs.  By pursuing her fantasy romance with Claire, Lana is virtually risking everything.

One important point which should not be overlooked when reviewing this excellent book, is the author’s unique ability to describe the setting.  This is no easy feat as the story takes place in two worlds, the United States and Europe.  However, Genes does a superb job in presenting both.  For example, the Croatian holiday had exquisite descriptions which flowed with the story.  They were not added just as mere filler.  They were integral to the storyline and weaved into the powerful emotions which the characters were experiencing.  Without a doubt, the author crafted this beautifully.

Magnetic Reverie is indeed a story where nothing is truly as it seems.  Indeed, that is one of the charms of this novel which will leave the reader spellbound and captivated throughout.  Unquestionably, this story receives 5 dreamy stars!