“Humans are fragile creatures, made up of broken hearts and broken promises.”  (unknown)

One could be forgiven for believing human civilization is tough and unbreakable.  Indeed, look at the impressive man-made structures, complex currency systems, powerful militaries and unique systems of law and order which can be found from one end of the globe to the other.  Impressive to say the least!  However, human civilization is a very delicate entity.  History has clearly shown that it does not take much for it to fall apart and crumble.  What would you do if faced with such a situation?  The breakdown of society and end to the creature comforts we all have become so accustomed to.  All suddenly gone.  The rules and structure of a “civil” society collapsed or drastically altered.  How would you react?  In her novel Lindisfarne, author Terry Tyler presents just such a scenario.  A perfect read for those who enjoy a thrilling story which showcases the complex and delicate nature of human relationships amidst a post-apocalyptic breakdown!

Lindisfarne is Tyler’s second story of the Project Renova 4 part series.  It essentially picks up where the first novel, Tipping Point, left off.  We quickly meet back up with Vicky and her band of survivors.  They have travelled to the island of Lindisfarne and are soon welcomed into the community which has formed there.  All seems to be perfectly rosy for the group.  A home at long last!  However, this feeling of peace and security does not last for long.  Various power struggles and competing interests start to emerge.  That nasty side of human nature inevitably begins to take hold.  New relationships form, old connections rekindle… and some come to an abrupt end as this tiny society attempts to create some degree of social order.  Power struggles lead to deadly outcomes as the community slowly begins to disintegrate.  All this unfolds as a mysterious new rebuilding project is underway elsewhere. What could be its significance?  Will Vicky, Lottie, Heath and their group manage to survive in such trying times and dire circumstances?  Or will this be their final stop in a strange and heartless new world?

Lindisfarne is absolutely a gripping and thrilling dystopian ride!  The action will keep the reader glued to the pages in anticipation as they eagerly read on to see what happens next.  There are plot twists and turns virtually around every corner.  However, while it is certainly a plot which is full of action and adventure, it is really the relationship building which occurs that makes this story so incredibly powerful.  As readers, we are genuinely invested in the various characters and the relationships they forge throughout the tale.  We care about what happens to them.  This even further entrenches us within the exciting story events. Pure and utter engagement!

Undoubtedly, the characters in this novel are developed exceedingly well.  While Vicky is the main protagonist, there are a number of others who play significant supporting roles.  What is really interesting is the way in which the author actually develops the characters.  It is not just done through actual story events, reflections and interactions.  Indeed, the various chapters are presented in the first person and from the perspective of the various characters.  For instance, we are able to gain unique access into the personal thoughts, motivations and perspectives of Vicky, Heath, Lottie, Aria and even the sadistic Wedge.  This takes their development and growth to a whole new level.  When you couple this with the thrilling relationship building which occurs- within a post-apocalyptic and chaotic world-  you can see how this story grabs you and just will not let go.

This novel gets my highest recommendation.  It is a top-notch addition to the Project Renova series.  There are adult themes contained within so it is recommended strictly to an adult audience.

5 out of 5 Post-Apocalyptic Stars for this one!