By: Leonard Tillerman

What exactly is an influencer you may ask? Essentially, it is someone who has already established a solid and powerful connection with your reading audience. They are visible and have the unique capability of influencing others because they are respected for their knowledge, authority and reputation. Why is this so important to you? Simple… their advocacy and influence translates into sales- big sales! In fact, in a 2019 Tomoson Influencer Study, it was shown that influencers are the most effective way to get new customers. They offer a whopping 650% return on investment!

So just who are these mysterious influencers of which we speak? You may be surprised to learn that you do not need to look very far. We are not just talking about celebrities here. While celebrities can certainly be helpful if their attention is attracted- that is a long shot at best. Do not despair however, for the reading public is 10 times more likely to be influenced by a non-celebrity such as a book blogger than an actual celebrity. (2) Typical influencers in the world of fiction and non-fiction are:

  • Book Bloggers
  • Librarians
  • Bookstores or book sellers
  • Book Reviewers
  • Authors of the same genre
  • Educators
  • Website owners and members
  • Social Media influencers

So now that you know who the influencers are… and how powerful their influence really is… how do book reviews come into the picture? In a number of ways really. They let librarians and book sellers appreciate the popularity of a book. They are seen as a very dependable way of assessing a book’s popularity and thus knowing how many copies of an author’s book to stock. Book reviews will also attract the attention of highly influential Book Bloggers and Social Media personalities. I am personally a Book Blogger and Book Reviewer. When I come across interesting reviews of a work I am drawn to it. The Book Review does not have to be glowing to draw me in… but it does have to be intriguing and comprehensive. If you can get an influencer to review your work and then talk up your book (if they liked it), you will quickly see a translation into sales. Even if the review is mediocre, or the reviewer posts the review and you never hear from them again… the results will be steady if this is a blogger/reviewer who is distinguished and respected. It will bring eyes to your work.

Now that you have a better understanding of how influencers can help you, let’s discuss one sure way of garnering their attention- Building Your Reputation! But you will have to wait until next week for that one…

TILLERMAN’S TIP: Do not ever underestimate the importance of building a relationship when working with influencers. It will not change the content of a review… but it WILL get your book to the top of the “To Be Read” pile. Relationship Building is key.