Human life on earth is frequently compared to a house that is built on fog and sand.  It is constantly shifting and changing, thus making it difficult to keep track of where you stand.  Always in a state of perpetual transformation and metamorphosis.  On top of the world at one moment, only to be at the bottom in the next.  A virtual enigma, so to speak!

This motif is more than capably captured in author Anna Casamento Arrigo’s collection of poems, “House Built on Fog and Sand.” This anthology will take you on a powerful journey, with the evocative mind of the author acting as your guide.  A book that will stay with you long after the last page has been turned.

There are no shortage of weighty subjects in this collection.  Such topics as love, grief, happiness, sorrow, abuse, and the passage of time, are all covered in depth.  For me personally, the poems that focus on loss and the passage of time are the most profound.  Be that as it may, the words strike a chord not only for the feelings of melancholy they can produce… but ultimately because of the sense of hope and acceptance which is inspired as well.  For instance, the poem, “Time Escapes”, illustrates this juxtaposition perfectly.

“Memories of youth, beauty lost.  Oh sweet vanity, mind not the aging flesh.  My soul holds beauty.”

If these words are not a lesson in proper perspective and resilience- then I don’t know what is!

The poems in this collection are often mysterious and dreamlike as they move forth and explore their various themes.  It can be a haunting, yet elegant experience for the reader to engage in.  Further, the evocative writing is aptly supported by rich imagery.  The author has a simply beautiful way of capturing the feeling of a place or moment in time.  Pictures will form in our own minds as we compare the words on the pages to that of our own unique existence.  Connections are made as we further enrich the entire experience.

This review would not be complete without commenting upon the illustrations in the collection.  The artwork is beautiful and works hand-in-hand with the written words.  The two complement one another in tandem, and the reader is thus further propelled into the world of the book.

Overall, this collection is a captivating and poignant exploration of the human condition.  Through the flowing words, we are able to relive experiences and the evocative emotions which are thereby triggered.

If you are looking for a poetry book that will leave you feeling deeply moved, I would highly recommend “House Built on Fog and Sand.”

5 out of 5 Sandy Stars for this one!  *****