What does a Ghost Hunter actually do? Prevailing opinion would be that they explore supernatural events. In particular, they investigate a wide array of hauntings and paranormal activity. A spooky job to put it mildly! That being said, what happens when you cross a seasoned Ghost Hunter with a mythical God of Warfare? You get one whale of a great story… that’s what! In the novel Ghost Hunter II: Of Gods and Ghosts, by author Martin J. Best, we are able to witness the traditionally eerie job of a Ghost Hunter become increasingly terrifying and precarious. For those who like their paranormal adventures mixed with a strong side of fantastical and exhilarating fantasy… look no further!

This is the third instalment of the ongoing Ghost Hunter series by Martin Best. The reader is happily able to reconnect with Malachi and crew as new challenges and potential opportunities come their way. The story begins with Mal and Carolyn investigating a strange haunting which has thrown the house owners for a loop. However, amidst this investigation, Mal becomes entangled in another case altogether. Camulos, the mythical Pagan God of Warfare has returned to a position of significance on earth as a group of sinister occultists empower him with their energy and sacrifice. The consequences of such a full rebirth would be catastrophic and Mal is recruited by another peculiar occultist, and the police to help and lend his expertise. Together they must ensnare the renegade occultists and prevent the devastation they wish to inflict upon the planet. Do Mal and his group have any real chance of stopping an actual god? Or are things on earth about to seriously change… and not for the better!

This novel really has so many things going for it. The plot is fast moving, perfectly structured and supported by the classic good versus evil theme. I really enjoyed the manner in which the author put forth the two main story ideas running parallel to one another. We have the creepy, intelligent haunting at the Riley home taking place, while at the same time Mal is battling a God! Not only is it engaging and creative, but it really propels Carolyn to the next level in the series. She pretty much takes over the haunting investigation on her own while Teena backs her up in a support role. Also, the paranormal/dark fantasy mix was both intriguing and quite unexpected. Such fantasy elements as magic and mythical beings support the darker theme which is presented in the unique story-world very well. Without a doubt, this is a chilling page turner!

While the plot is both captivating and thrilling- at the core this really remains a character driven series. We see the continual growth of the cast in a number of ways. For instance, although Mal remains the leading character and continues to develop, we are also able to witness Carolyn begin to really come into her own. She has a major role in this book. Further, the caring and loving relationship which exists amongst this new, young family works in perfect juxtaposition to the darker theme which is presented. At the same time we are able to see fresh characters such as Wolfe, who adds a whole new dynamic, being added to the mix. This is something I hope continues to unfold during the next book in the series.

Overall I would give this book my highest recommendation. The thrilling mixture of fantasy with the paranormal aspects works exceedingly well. There are some graphic and adult themes and as such it would be recommended to an adult audience only.

5 out of 5 Godly Stars for this one!