I read and reviewed author Ellie Douglas’s book, The Dead Wake Anthology  in the winter of of 2018.  I loved the stories and her writing.  That is why she is one of my favorite authors and has earned a position on my Author Spotlight page!  Please see her interview and upcoming work below.


1.        What inspired you to write a book?

From a little child I was exposed to horror movies and horror books, which then gave me the idea to write horror. I wanted to scare people. To give readers something that they hadn’t read before.


2.       What does your typical writing day look like?

If I’ve had the time I can usually sit down for a good four hours straight and type madly. A lot can get done in that time 🙂


3.       Do you have a favorite book you have written?

Yes, I love my book series ‘Hounded’


4.       What advice would you give to a new writer just starting out?

My advice is to write, go forth and write. Don’t worry about what you are writing, just write. The longer you put it off the harder it will be to start.


5.       Are you on social media and can your readers interact with you?

Yes, they can follow me at any one of these places:







Google Plus



6.       How do you handle literary criticism?

I actually love it, and I thrive off of it to learn better. If the particular criticism is helpful then I will be a better writer from it.


7.       Please describe your writing space?

I’m a very clean person everywhere else, but my desk makes me look hypocritical of that usual ordinance that I have throughout my house. My writing space; my desk is literally a bombsite. It has notes scattered in every direction. Water bottles, boxed ornaments, inspirational sticky notes, pens of many colors and always an empty coffee mug. My untouchable area in desperate need of reorganizing.

8.       Who is your own favorite author?  Dead or alive.

Stephen King.


9.       What is the most helpful thing to you in this industry?

The community of like minded authors and readers.

10.       If you had to describe yourself in 3 words…what would they be?

Crazy, loving, giving.


Latest Work:

I have just released my latest work. Death O Death – Horror Collection Vol 2 – here is a little teaser:

Ann didn’t look back when she heard the gun shots. Instead, panicked, she held tighter to Adam who had paled significantly. She stopped in the hallway briefly to inspect him. She noted how wet his hair was and how ghostly white he’d turned causing her to panic even more. Carefully, she lowered her head to his and listened for his breathing. When she heard it, she heaved him higher onto her hip and took in a deep lung full of air to catch her own labored breath.

She rushed toward her room to get the phone, but something had Adam screaming in her ear so loudly that she thought he’d blow her eardrums. She stiffened, her whole body filled with adrenaline. She had a feeling the monster was coming for her; a quick glance over her left shoulder proved her right. Her breath escaped as a hissing sound and her heart pounded against her ribcage in a violent drumming. She stumbled into her bedroom slamming the door closed and locking it.

She placed Adam on her bed and looked him over. His cheeks were flushed, and his freckles had lost their coloring. His hair had glued to his forehead and to the back of his neck. It reminded her of when he had a high fever with tonsillitis. She quickly grabbed her phone and instantly dropped it when she was startled by the door being pounded hard followed by an alarming growl. She could feel her pulse throbbing in her neck and the feeling of her stomach sinking to her feet. She had to be brave for Adam. She had to protect him. Her motherly instincts flooded her, and she flew into action.

About the Author:

Born and raised in New Zealand, a mother and wife who donates what spare time she has into volunteer work with Autistic children.  Ellie Douglas is addicted to horror, everything about it she loves. She enjoys creating strong characters that rise to the top from ordinary lives. Her love affair with horror has seen her produce six award winning horror books.  Ellie is creative in all aspects with several adult coloring books and an online casino slot game under her belt. She is constantly striving to do more. Ellie also makes professional book covers for authors and has helped people with making them a websites, banners, and logos.  Ellie’s ultimate aim is to give back, paying it forward and to constantly better herself. To give the audience amazing entertaining stories that she herself would read.

She would love to scare you…