Editing By Ear

by S. S. Bazinet


This informative article comes to us from S.S.  Bazinet.

For many people, the editing process can be tedious. It can also be less than helpful when you read over your story and keep missing typos, repeated words, and so on. But there’s an easy way to catch a lot more of your mistakes. You can listen to your story.

When you listen to something read aloud, you process it differently than when you simply see the text. Therefore, listening to your story can be a wonderful tool in your editing toolbox. Happily, you can use a Kindle Fire to listen to your story. Most have text-to-speech capabilities. Kindle Fires can be very reasonably priced. They usually start at around $50.

I’ve listed the steps you need to take to get your story (document) from your computer to your Kindle Fire. At first, it might seem a little difficult, but once you take some initial steps, it’s really a very friendly process.

In order to listen to your story, you have to send it to your Kindle. But how do you do that?

Every Kindle has its own email address and you can send files to your device as email attachments. Here’s a step by step article that explains everything.


Note: Please pay special attention in the instruction that tells you that “Documents can only be sent to your Kindle devices or apps from e-mail accounts that you added to your ‘Approved Personal Document E-mail List.’”

After I send the document to the Kindle email address, what then?

The document should show up in the Kindle “Docs” folder within a short amount of time. Tap on “Docs” folder to see if it’s been downloaded. Sometimes it takes a bit longer.

Once I have a document on my Kindle Fire, how do I listen to it?

Open your document on your Kindle just like you’d open a book. Next, you’ll have to make sure your text-to-speech function is enabled. Here’s what to do to enable it.

1.  While in reading mode, tap the center of the screen, and then tap “Aa” (Settings).

2. Tap “More Options” and then tap “On” next to “Text-to-Speech.”

Once you are in reading mode again, tap the screen to show the reading toolbar again, and then tap the “Play” button next to the reading progress bar to hear the text read aloud.

Check this article on Amazon for complete directions:


If you have a Kindle Fire and also have an iPhone or iPad, you can listen to your documents on your iPhone or iPad. However, you’ll have to enable the text-to-speech capability on your iPhone or iPad. See instructions below.

How to Enable and Use Text to Speech on iPhone & iPad

1. Launch “Settings” and tap on “General”

2. Scroll down to “Accessibility” and tap on “Speech” and then on “Speak Screen”

3. Slide to “ON”

Next, open your Kindle app on your iPhone and search for “Docs” in items listed. All your books and the documents you sent to your Kindle should be there. After you open your document on your iPhone, what’s next? To hear the contents on the screen, swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen.

Text-to-speech on your Kindle. An added bonus!

After learning about text-to-speech on your Kindle, you can listen to other people’s books too. You can be doing the dishes and catching up on a favorite read you haven’t had time for.


About the Author:

A number of years ago, I gave myself the freedom to write from a much deeper part of myself. Some might call that part the heart or perhaps the soul. Whatever the label, wonderful things happened. Stories unfolded in new and exciting ways. My writing became a transformative process for both my characters and for me. Now, my fondest wish is that my stories not only entertain my readers, but that they also provide them with moments of clarity and a deeper connection to themselves.