By: Leonard Tillerman

Have you ever bought a book just because you loved the cover? I believe many people would answer in the affirmative to that question. Never underestimate the significance of good packaging! Be that as it may, what if there was nothing of real value or substance inside when you got past the shiny and pretty exterior? The odds are very strong that you would never make another purchase from that author. To underestimate the importance of an author’s reputation is a very serious mistake. It is your work and reputation which will keep people coming back to choose and read your books.

Book reviews are a critical tool which help to establish an author’s overall reputation. Book sales will benefit significantly from book reviews, in addition to your author status. A book review- and a positive one at that- is proof and reassurance for anyone looking to buy a writer’s book that it is the best quality and worth buying. Most readers trust third party reviews more than any other sources because they usually have more credibility. In fact, in a 2018 Local Consumer Review Survey, it shows that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. (3)

How important are book reviews to your author reputation you ask? Take a look at the following statistics to get a clear idea:

  • 90% of consumers read online reviews
  • 74% of consumers say that positive reviews build their trust
  • Reviews have been shown to have a 67.7 % impact on purchasing decisions
  • Every 1 Star increase equates to a 5-9% increase in revenue. (4)

While these statistics relate to all businesses in general, they absolutely make the integral connection between reviews and reputation.

Next week we will look at how book reviews can have a dramatic impact in the mighty area of Organic Marketing!

Tillerman’s Tip: Your reputation is critical to your brand. Make it a habit to connect and network with reviewers and other authors. Offer to give honest, comprehensive and constructive reviews for their writing… and they will likely return the favor. A solid rep building strategy!