By: Leonard Tillerman

In a nutshell, organic marketing is referring to the process whereby you obtain your customers naturally over time. They will find and come to you without the help of boosted or paid posts and advertising. They may find out about you through Social Media, search engines or simple conversations. Organic marketing is quite powerful as it has the unique ability to provide a personalized experience over time. It will create an emotional connection with the author which is the number one driver of positive brand experiences. (5) Think about this for a moment. Are you more likely to return to an author’s work which flashes across your screen as an advertisement… or to somebody you have discovered on your own? Perhaps Benjamin Franklin puts it best:

“Tell me and I forget- Teach me and I remember- Involve me and I learn!”

Actual involvement and learning about “you the author” is what your readers want to experience.

Book reviews are a very influential form of organic marketing. In truth, they are as organic as it comes. Let’s take an Amazon example for instance. Through their own actions a reader discovers and purchases a book. After finishing the book they decide to leave an honest review on the Amazon website. To be clear… this is about as organic as it gets. Word of mouth as a form of book promotion is very effective. A positive book review can make one reader recommend the work to others. Undeniably, you can trust a typical reader to buy a book, particularly from an independent or first time author, if they see that it has been bought and reviewed positively by other readers. If a book has satisfied customers, there is a higher likelihood that it will be recommended to new readers. And on and on it goes… the perpetual organic marketing cycle!

Knowing all of this, how can you as an author obtain an organic following and thus organic reviews? It is not an easy process and makes the idea of acquiring inorganic reviews very tempting. However, individuals and Amazon can spot this and are getting better at it all the time. A new book with numerous glowing reviews is immediately suspect. A new work with balanced reviews which are accompanied by a verified purchase suggest organic (more about the power of amazon is outlined later in this book). As an author, if you want organic reviews then you need to connect with your audience. This can be done in many ways, such as through blogs, social media or even podcasts. It is a proven method to obtain reviews. Interact and build relationships with your readers and book reviews… followed by sales… will follow.

What if one of these followers leaves a less than favorable review you ask? Not only is this bound to happen at some point- but get ready to learn and benefit from it!

Tillerman’s Tip: Readers are far more likely to leave a book review for an author they have some sort of relationship with. Interaction is the key.