Author: Leonard Tillerman

Underground Nest

3 out of 5 Narcissistic Stars for this one! ***
Overall, the writing prowess of this author can carry the day with this novella. The writing is sharp and it flows beautifully. While the actual storyline did not appeal to me personally, I am sure there are many who would enjoy it a great deal. It is a novella which can be recommended for adult readers.

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The Move

3 out of 5 Tender Stars for this one! ***
The Move explores young love in action. For romantics who are looking to experience a quick “blast from the past,” this short story may fit the bill!

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Cur Dogs

5 out of 5 Irascible Stars for this one! *****
For those readers who enjoy their Science Fiction and Fantasy with a mammoth dose of audaciousness… Cur Dogs is the remedy you seek!

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