Undoubtedly, nobody likes to be wronged in life.  That is just a cruel fact of life and what humans deal with on a continual basis.  Of course, some violations are much more appalling than others.  Truly vile and disturbing transgressions.  In such circumstances the question which then arises is, how far would you go to seek revenge against those who have wronged you?  Would you stop at nothing to inflict your own particular blend of vengeance and justice?  In Tonya Cannariato’s story, Angel Mine, this is exactly the case.  A decent choice for readers looking to find a quick fix of fantasy mixed with disturbing criminal behavior.

Angel Mine is a relatively short Novelette.  It follows the trials and tribulations of the main character, Angelica.  Having undergone a series of vicious rapes inflicted by the same person, she is bound and determined to put these horrendous assaults to an end.  She is also meticulously focused upon getting her ultimate revenge at the same time.  In order to complete her mission, Angelica takes the drastic measure of deliberately transforming into a werewolf.  However, will her new “pack” even accept her?  And if so… will they help or even allow Angelica to fulfill her mission of vengeance?

Make no mistake, this story is not for the faint of heart.  The sexual assault content is both disturbing and graphic.  Nevertheless, the story is put together well and follows a steady climb to the ultimate climax.  If you are a fan of dark tales of fantasy and deadly retribution, this one will certainly hold your interest.  The author is also quite descriptive in her writing which manages to pull us in as readers even more.  Combine this with the intriguing multiple narration, and the potential for this tale is more than evident.  I do wish it was longer however.  It would have helped to know more about the background to the main story events.  I did find myself having to read over various points a number of times to ensure I understood what was actually going on.  Needless to say, this served to impede the flow of the writing.  More explanation into building this fantasy world would have certainly helped in this area.

In regards to characters, it was difficult to really get a feel for any of them.  The narration helped somewhat, but not enough description or details about the various players was given.  I was therefore unable to truly invest in their plight.  This ended up further obstructing reader engagement in the tale.

Overall, Angel Mine has a number of factors going for it.  Be that as it may, it needed more time and development to build the world and increase suspense and genuine interest in the story.  Also, the subject matter is very dark and disturbing and can only be suggested for some adult audiences.

3 out of 5 Dark Stars for this one!