Have you ever walked into a place and instantaneously felt the tiny hairs upon the back of your neck stand straight up?  All at once overcome by a feeling of pure dread and foreboding.  There are places in this world which are pure evil incarnate.  The Amityville House, Whaley House and Shanghai Tunnels all come to mind.  Well… we can now add Bell Manor to that list!  In his book Affinity’s Window, author Douglas L. Wilson provides us with a textbook case of creepy and terrifying.  This is absolutely a must read for fans of an intelligent, thrilling and suspense-filled supernatural story.

Many years ago, horrific and ghastly events unfolded at Bell Manor.  Unmentionable things!  Seven year-old Affinity knows this only too well.  That is why she travels the halls of the home with her shabby doll Mr. Moppet as her protector.  They are coming for her- and only Mr. Moppet can stop them.

Meanwhile, an embattled writer by the name of Taylor Dann has been drawn to the allure of Bell Manor.  The proverbial fly to the web so to speak.  Accompanied by two psychics, he is determined to unravel the mystery of the Manor and pen the next bestseller.  However, things are not always what they appear to be- and sometimes the best laid plans in life go awry.  Make no mistake… the malevolent presence at Bell Manor has something in store… for everyone!

I would have great difficulty trying to neatly categorize this novel into one particular genre.  While it has all the required elements of a great horror story, such as fear, suspense and foreshadowing, it contains a variety of other thrilling components as well.  The author utilized everything in his writer’s toolbox to put this story together.  It has a perfect flow to it and is absolutely captivating from start to finish.  Also, the plot of the novel has many different events which must be meticulously pieced together.  It is the type of story in which you become lost in the pages.  As if you are actually there.  Entirely fast-moving, complex and sophisticated.  It explores the deepest depths of human psychology without the need for excessive gore.  It is no “gory story.”  At its core Affinity’s Window is a masterful piece of literary horror fiction which capitalizes on the power of the human mind to make its point.  In the end that is the most powerful type of fear inducing horror which exists!

While the plot of the story is enthralling, so are the host of characters who play key roles in the book.  From the deeply troubled Taylor Dann, the emulous Linda and the powerful yet overly altruistic Claire.  Make no mistake however, this is Affinity’s show!  Right from the start she is entirely believable as a little seven year-old girl.  However, she becomes absolutely memorable and mesmerizing as the horrific story events unfold.  Her innocent and vernal character is cleverly juxtaposed with her more devious and daunting nature.  This is a key ingredient which makes this story work so well.

Throw all the aforementioned details in a pot and mix them all up in a creepy old mansion called Bell Manor… and we have one terrifyingly terrific story left as the result!

I highly recommend this tale to all lovers of literary horror fiction.  It does have many frightening scenes so be forewarned.

5 out of 5 Terrifyingly Terrific Stars for this one!