Month: December 2018

A Dress the color of the sky

This book is a must read for a wide variety of reasons. However, the fact that it is so beautifully written stands out as paramount. I would recommend it to all adult readers and give it my highest rating.
5 out of 5 Inspirational Stars for this one! *****

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Tales of Ancient Rome

3 out of 5 Roman Stars for this one! ***
Do you enjoy being transported back in time? Travelling all the way into an entirely different era with all of its unique customs, lifestyle and norms. If this sounds like your “niche”, then Tales of Ancient Rome by author S.J.A. Turney may be the great reading selection you have been looking for!

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Akea: The power of Destiny

5 out of 5 Howling Stars for this one!
I simply loved this story. It is so smooth and beautifully written. The flow is fluid and seamless. Although this book is listed in a children’s genre, I would recommend it to virtually any reader.

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