Zen Alpha 

By: Sionnach Wintergreen

Have you ever found yourself in a bad relationship?  A situation where you knew you were being treated terribly, but still kept going back for more?  If you answered in the affirmative to that question, you have an awful lot in common with Bradley Evans.  Sionnach Wintergreen has penned a sensitive and heartwarming male/male romance which will suck you in almost from the very outset and keep you engrossed throughout.

In this tale, Bradley Evans is certain that his future happiness unquestionably lies with and Alpha Male.  Someone who asserts his dominance in such a way that it manages to put Bradley in a perpetual cycle of low self-esteem and poor self-worth.  However, Bradley does not see this…until he meets his neighbour Ward.  What follows is a romantic journey of self discovery in which Bradley slowly begins to realize that the only thing he has been avoiding all along is love itself.  However, will he make this connection before it is too late?

Make no mistake about it, this is a character driven story.  All the characters leave the reader battling with their own emotions.  From feeling sympathy and impatience for Bradley, disgust with Jackson and respect for Ward.  Wintergreen even manages to evoke the powerful emotion of animosity for Bradley’s mother, whose personality seems to be the female replica of his domineering stock broker boyfriend.

While the characters are easy to relate to, the plot follows a very clever and smooth progression which keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.  I actually read through the book in one sitting as I found I simply could not put it down.  It does contain explicit gay erotica so be forewarned.  However, it is done in a tasteful way which is part of the romantic storyline.  It does not appear for its own gratuitous sake.  Also, a number of themes can be pulled out of this novel, but the fact that true love must include complete trust appears as the main idea for me.

Overall the author has written a wonderful story which any 18+ lover of romance will enjoy.  Sweet, yet powerful in a very riveting way.  A highly recommended read!

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