Without a doubt, there are many wonderful series available out in reading land.  Whether you are looking for romance, thrillers, mystery or fantasy- you are bound to find one!  However, every so often a series will come out which is so utterly captivating that it will grab you by the scruff of the neck and just won’t let go!  You will be hooked from start to finish.  That is just such the case with Erik Henry Vick’s Blood of the Isir trilogy.  Indeed, the final book of the series, Wild Hunt keeps the momentum rolling and absolutely does not disappoint.  For those looking to find resolution and further explore this fantasy land full of powerful gods, devious demons vicious shapeshifters and deadly dragons…Wild Hunt is the place to be!

Essentially, the final book of the Blood of the Isir series starts where Part 2 left off.  Thanks to Hank Jensen and his allies, Hel’s forces have all been scattered and she has found herself in a particularly dire situation of her own.  The passionately loyal Luka is frantically searching for her as he himself is being pursued by our hero Hank and his group.  What follows is a breathtaking journey full of battles and a whole host of fresh challenges.  In fact, it is during these fascinating travels that we come to realize that Hel and Luka may be the least of the group’s worries.  Evil forces are emerging which can alter the very fate of the entire Universe.  All of this is happening as Hank begins to come into his own, becoming more knowledgeable and powerful with each passing day.  The inevitable showdown is on… and the stakes are higher than anyone ever imagined possible!

Undoubtedly, the primary theme of this novel is a good versus evil one.  Nevertheless, there are other minor motifs which are prevalent as well.  For instance, the journey towards self-discovery for Hank and others is clearly explored throughout the book and series.  All of this is done amidst an epic and fantastical journey which proceeds at a frantic pace.  In fact, it is more accurate to say that the pacing of the story proceeds at lightning speed and encapsulates the reader in the process.

Make no mistake, the plot of the story is very intricate and intelligent.  The author has an incredibly imaginative mind which presents all types of beasts and beings.  However, they are not just thrown out there to twist in the wind.  Everything is cleverly tied together as the protagonist battles foes…as well as the conflict within his own mind.  We are able to see everything eventually resolve in chunks as the powerful story progresses.  Truly fantasy writing at its ultimate best!

Wild Hunt also lets us continue to track the progress of our favorite characters in the series, and introduces some new players as well.  Characters such as Althyof, Jane and Yowtgayrr are all presented and developed with their own host of unique powers.  As the reader, we get to see them develop and evolve through the pages.  Interestingly, we are also exposed to a more thorough look at Hel and Luka and are introduced to a whole new side to them.  Such development is truly engaging and engrossed me even further into the book by exploring their own particular background and situations.  By and large however, Hank Jensen as the protagonist is developed in the most detail.  If you look at his character in the first novel and compare it to Hank by the end of the final book… it is simply startling growth.

Overall, this was an excellent final book for the series.  The world building the author pulls off is stunning.  Also, the key element of believability is met within an imaginative land of mythical creatures and fantastical adventures.  Not an easy feat to pull off.  The dialogue between characters is natural and flowing and supports the direction of the work.  Everything in this book has purpose and the reader can truly get lost in the pages.

5 out of 5 Powerful stars for this one!