How far would you go to avenge a perceived wrong?  Would you stop at nothing to inflict your vengeance?  Or maybe you would turn the other cheek and simply walk away.  The notion of revenge has been around for as long as humanity itself, and undoubtedly always will be.  Centuries ago, William Shakespeare sums up this notion quite well in his play, The Merchant of Venice:

“If you prick us do we not bleed?

If you tickle us do we not laugh?

If you poison us do we not die?

And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”

Be that as it may, one person’s interpretation of inflicting revenge may be quite different than that of another.  This is a fact which is clearly illustrated in Robert Turvil’s novel, Vengeance of an Evil Man.  For those readers who enjoy an intricate and fast-moving story, this book is a top pick!

Essentially, this story revolves around Oswald Bardolf’s depraved thirst for vengeance.  Framed at the outset of the novel for something which he did not do, Bardolf will stop at nothing to exact retribution upon those who set him up.  Being an extremely wealthy and powerful man in his own right, Bardolf has the means to squash anything or anybody who get in his way.  However, he is up against the most powerful and influential people on the planet.  Will he succeed in his thirst for revenge?  Or will he go down in proverbial flames…extinguished by the very people he seeks to destroy?

Make no mistake, the plot of this story is extremely fast moving, complex and sophisticated.  It is a book which you have to read very carefully or you risk becoming lost in the storyline.  I personally found myself going back and re-reading chapters or passages on occasion.  If you lose track of what is happening, even for a moment, you risk becoming lost in this multi-layered great work of fiction.  Despite that however, it is absolutely a thriller which will keep the reader engaged and engrossed throughout the entire course of the story.  It is one of those books you just do not want to put down!

While the plot is engaging and complex, so are the host of characters which play vital roles in this story.  From the powerful and somewhat demented main character Oswald Bardolf, to the variety of supporting and secondary characters.  They are all developed with skill and presented in such a way that the reader is able to keenly feel their various plights and predicaments.  As a reader, you will find yourself rooting for a particular character at one moment, and then quickly change gears as they are developed further and reveal their disgusting character traits.  Such a back and forth motion only adds to the thrilling suspense and edge of your seat nature of this book.  Using the element of characterization to achieve such a feat is a skill unto itself.

When considering this novel, there are actually a number of prevalent themes.  However, the propensity for humans to fall prey to evil due to manipulation and greed, stands out as the main theme for me.  Evil can be defined as “a manifestation of profound immorality and wickedness, especially in people’s actions.”  There can be little doubt that this definition applies to virtually all the characters in Vengeance of an Evil Man.  While the title may insinuate it is about the evilness of Bardolf in particular, in truth, the evil and wicked theme can be applied to all the characters and to humanity in general.  Do we all have a price?  I personally do not think so…but this novel can make you think twice!

While this is a very well written story, there are many disturbing and graphic scenes contained within.  A such, I would only be able to recommend it to a mature adult audience.  It is also a story which you have to really focus upon and think as you read.  The author is constantly weaving his craft throughout.  There can be little argument that Robert Turvil is an exceptionally talented writer who really knows how to spin a tale.  If you love thrillers and intrigue, this book certainly fits into that category.

5 Greedy Stars for this one!