Can you ever truly escape your past?  This is a question which has plagued countless individuals throughout the ages.  The desire to put everything behind oneself and move on to a brand-new life and wonderful opportunities.  However, it is never quite that easy.  People who are attempting to escape their past are in often in fact living in it.  The result is that it will show right back up on their doorstep with a big wide smile!  No…escaping your past is not such an easy thing to do!  In Trust No One, Lizzy Grey pens a story which explores such a concept.  For lovers of romance books which are blended with the powerful concepts of forgiveness and trust, this tale may just fit the bill.

The story primarily focuses upon the heroine Becca, and her love interest Stephen Connor.  Becca was raised in a crime family and was earmarked to replace her mother as the top crime lord.  Not wanting to live such a dishonest life, Becca joins the police instead and meets Stephen.  The two quickly fall in love.  Her own criminal family will have none of this however and proceed to threaten and sabotage Becca at every step.  This leads to Becca leaving the police due to an “accident”, and then finding out that Stephen had cheated on her with her own Sister-in-law.  What follows brings to mind the phrase, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!”  Pregnant Becca goes underground after these events in an attempt to raise her young child and escape her miserable past.  This is not to be however as another accident finds Stephen once again arriving in Becca’s life.  He soon finds out that unbeknownst to him, he has a 6 year-old son.  Will these two once again discover the love and passion which once defined them?  Or are the deceit, betrayal and heartbreak of the past ultimately too deep to repair?

In regards to plot analysis, I would have to say that this is not your typical romance story.  There is no doubt that there is certainly a high degree of sexual tension between the hero and heroine.  Nevertheless, the tale is more about redemption and focusing upon one’s future in order to escape the mistakes of the past.  In so doing, it explores the very rocky connection between Stephen and Becca which is fraught with suspicion, hurt and infidelity.  Add some common elements of danger and you are left with what can only be described as a very convoluted relationship.  These themes of infidelity and betrayal will certainly make it difficult for many readers to accept any type of reconciliation which may occur.

The main characters of Becca and Stephen did experience some growth throughout the story.  However, a little more background could have been useful.  For instance, the crime lord aspect was not really fully developed in much detail and seemed somewhat forced and out of place with Becca.  This is more a book about infidelity and getting a second chance at love.  Also, there is quite a bit of interaction which takes place between Stephen and his young son.  While that is sweet in many respects, it ultimately detracts from the “steamy romantic” aspects of the story which many readers of the genre are looking for.  While Stephen and Becca do grow and develop throughout the tale, in many ways they remain difficult characters to accept and empathize with.  This in turn tends to stunt their full character development.

All in all, this story has good potential.  Perhaps a longer version with more background could assist with a few of its shortcomings.  I would rate this as adult only due to some explicit sexual scenes.  3 out of 5 Steamy Stars for this one!