To the followers of Leonard Tillerman:

Over a year ago I started my book blogging and book reviewing journey.  My reasons for doing so were simple.   I would like to help readers and authors find one another.  In particular, I strive to help Indie Authors reach a larger audience by providing honest and comprehensive reviews of their work. So many great writers and authors are just not having their voices heard. My Grandfather was an amazing writer who wrote 5 amazing books.  They were never published as it was such a difficult market to break into.  I want to help people like him.

I must say that this initiative has taken off in a manner I really never anticipated.  I now have a huge and very active Social Media following, thousands of blog subscribers and over 1500 books on my To Be Reviewed list.  While I am very happy with that…it has also created some unexpected and significant problems.

In truth, I am only one person and to maintain the output of my enterprise requires countless hours of work.  I believe in providing very detailed book reviews.  I try to get into the author’s head in a way that they…or their readers- never expected.  To do that requires time. Oodles and oodles of time.   I often get asked how I do all this and still manage to work full-time.  I jokingly reply that I just don’t sleep.  In reality…that is not too far from the truth!  My day job is relentless and requires my full attention for an average of 12 hours per day.  Then I do my book blogging and I sleep with whatever time is left.

My initiative has also grown quite a lot in the fact that I now do a lot of promotion for those who I have reviewed and whose work I would recommend.  I have even become involved in helping with Advanced Copies and providing feedback to authors on their upcoming work.

Be that as it may…I still am not achieving my main goal of significantly helping chosen authors and readers connect.  I want to make more of an impact.  Why?  After months of personal deliberation and analyzing follower suggestions I have come to believe the reason is threefold:

  1. Not enough hours in the day
  2. The reviews and work I do are very comprehensive and time-consuming
  3. Too many requests

Well, I cannot change #1 and I refuse to alter #2- which thus leaves point 3- too many requests.  The time has come to filter.  I need to do this for my own sake and for that of the many authors who are expecting work from me.  I also have to balance the growing costs of maintaining this “hobby”.   However, I do not want to charge for book reviews.  Hmmm?  Therein lies the conundrum.

That brings me to this.  I have opened up a Patreon account which specifically outlines my revised and refined mission.  I cannot actually take full credit for this idea as it was actually suggested to me by a number of followers.  Reasoning?

  1. I am actually quite close to my retirement date for my day job and if possible I would like to retire early.  This would allow me to pursue my new passion full-time.
  2. I have to mitigate the costs of my book blogging so it does not adversely impact my family.
  3. This will allow me to filter and work much in much more depth with selected authors.

Full details can be found on my Patreon link.  It will be refined on an ongoing basis.  I sincerely hope this is the start of something which will bring much more value to the authors I work with.  I understand that there will be those who are not a fan of this change.  However, I am convinced this is the answer to make a whole new next level of impact.