Suckers-  Living Like A Vampire  By Jacky DahlhausLiving Like A Vampire by Jacky Dahlhaus
Published by Jacky Dahlhaus on October 27, 2016
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Paranormal, Vampires
Pages: 350
Format: eBook

Kate didn't have plans of becoming one of the super-strong, photo-phobic blood-suckers during Black October, 2004. These deadly hunters were people changed due to infection with the 'Succedaneum' virus and hence called 'suckers' for short. Kate rather adored her new life and career as a science teacher at Bullsbrook High, a country town in Maine (US).

When the dangerous virus outbreak becomes a pandemic, Kate and her friends flee to a campground to hide. They thought they were safe.

Then things go wrong. Very wrong.

Kate is thrown into emotional turmoil, action, and suspense. To top it all off she falls in love with one of the suckers.

Will love win her over to the dark side?

Suckers-  Living Like A Vampire

By Jacky Dahlhaus

Have you ever considered what you would do if you saw the world as you know it coming to an end?  Your very existence being replaced by the arrival of a new order which has no mercy or place for you.  Mere fodder for their impending triumph.  Would you attempt to preserve your life by running for the hills and hiding?  Perhaps you would choose the opposite approach and make one last desperate stand.  Fighting to the bitter end to protect your loved ones and way of life.  What would you do?  If such a potential scenario intrigues you, then Suckers-Living Like A Vampire by Jacky Dahlhaus, would be an excellent pick for your reading pleasure!

Essentially, the book begins by following a trio of teachers who are forced to flee their town and hide from an ever-increasing horde of vampires who are terrorizing the countryside.  A virus has created this vampire menace called suckers who are stronger, faster and superior to the mere humans who they quickly utilize as their food source.  In the midst of this bloody terror, our main character Kate, encounters a handsome and suave sucker by the name of Caleb.  Sparks fly and despite everything, our heroine quickly falls in love with the handsome vampire.  She is beyond smitten!  However, after Caleb disappears, Kate finds herself roaming and searching to find her lost love.  Will she ever find the true love she has been missing in the midst of chaos, terror and destruction?  Or maybe she will soon discover that it has been there all along?

This novel would certainly fit into the paranormal romance category.  However, it is also quite full of non-stop action and plot twists which really make you stop and think.  It is a good versus evil theme, but there are plenty of “sub themes” which take place as well.  While there is certainly love and romance in this book, there is also fear, suspense, surprise, mystery and foreshadowing of things yet to come.  There is warfare, gangs of wandering vampires and plenty of blood and gore.  It is truly a book which is hard to put down as it is both engaging and entirely creative!

There are a number of interesting characters in this novel as well.  The author’s narration style and quick, snappy chapters make it quite easy to follow the story without getting lost in the plot details or in regards to the various characters.  While there may be a number of different characters in the tale, Kate and Charlie are explored and developed in the most detail.  Kate makes for a convincing, yet somewhat naïve heroine.  Nevertheless, by the end of the story we have seen incredible growth in her and get the sense that big things are yet to come for this brave, young woman.  Charlie on the other hand is a very atypical hero who experiences steady growth throughout the book.  He is a very easy character to love and relate to.  The reader will find themselves cheering for Charlie on more than just one occasion!

Living Like A Vampire has all the elements which are needed for a wonderful story.  Descriptive writing which flows, a fascinating plot and some very intriguing characters.  The setting also totally matches and supports the storyline and gives a very “dystopian feel” to the time and place.  Due to some sexual content and violence, I would recommend this novel to an adult audience. I absolutely look forward to reading more from Jacky Dahlhaus.

5 out of 5 Bloodsucking Stars for this one!  *****

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About the Author:

Jacky Dahlhaus is a mother of twins (plural, if you call dogs part of your family), and, after more than twenty-five years, still in a loving relationship with the same husband. She has been writing vampire romance novels since 2015.

She is a fan of books titled Lord of the Rings, Urshurak, Shogun, Disk World novels, and The Chronicles of Pern. Movies she can watch over and over again are Highlander (but only the first one as there can be only one!), the Blade trilogy, and all the Underworld installments (with Rise of the Lycans her favorite). This should give you an idea of what you can expect from her novels. She does her utmost best to combine components of all of the above into her writing (although dragons still haven’t made an appearance).

She is currently working on Book 3 of the Suckers Trilogy. A sample of her work is available for free when you sign up for her newsletter via her website ( and you’ll get the link to download it from BookFunnel.

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