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Sean Roberts By: F.L. Ruby

Sean Roberts by F. L. Ruby Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on June 9, 2017 Pages: 462 Goodreads Sean Roberts By:  F.L. Ruby Do you love your family?  The odds are extremely high that if you are lucky enough to have a family, then they will mean the world to you.  Would you ever purposefully hurt a family member?  Once again, the answer to that question is quite obvious…of course not!  That being the case, how would the world actually be different if all humans were essentially members of the same family?  If we were all as one? ...

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El Dorado?  No!  Heathrow Airport By:  Tony Levy

El Dorado? No! Heathrow Airport by Tony Levy Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on November 20, 2017 Pages: 378 Goodreads Former Security Guard, Tony Levy reveals the shocking truth of life inside one of Britain's busiest airports. He exposes the pressures faced by its 76,000+ staff, the traits of pampered celebrities as they pass through the terminals, and the weird, wonderful, and sometimes shocking behaviour of other passengers. Tony delivers his unique portrayal in a sometimes comedic manner, and it was this humour that relieved the intensity of life inside Heathrow's bustling terminals.          ...

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The Future Memoir of Ann Jones By: Alex Bailey

The Future Memoir of Ann Jones by Alex Bailey Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on February 16, 2018 Pages: 412 Format: eBook Goodreads When the perfectly-normal Ann Jones rants on about a bizarre and hauntingly immersive vision into her own future, her best friend, Alex, thinks she may have taken a swig or two. After her freak encounter, Ann recounts the strange and foreboding glimpse of her future life-one that holds an unanticipated exuberance: her beloved husband dies suddenly (and questionably); she moves to the East Coast; finds love again; joins a peculiar knitting club (full of the...

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