Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Tales from the Riverside By:  Larry Landgraf

by Larry Landgraf Genres: Biography & Autobiography, Cultural Heritage, Literary, Personal Memoirs Tales from the Riverside By:  Larry Landgraf If you had the chance to pick anywhere on the planet in which to live, where would you choose?  Would it be in a thriving and bustling city which is full of all the conveniences and amenities any heart could possibly desire?  Maybe you would prefer to settle along a beautiful  beach, admiring the golden sand and enjoying the pleasant sea breeze which this location offers.  Pure tranquility at its best.  How about a swamp?  Yes…a swamp!  Does the thought...

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God is a Bedlamite By: Katie Salvo

God Is a Bedlamite by Katie Salvo Published by Creators Publishing on October 20, 2016 Genres: Fiction, Historical, Romance, General, Biography & Autobiography, Philosophers Pages: 297 Goodreads Some souls one will never discover, unless one invents them first — Friedrich Nietzsche   History has judged Elisabeth Forster-Nietzsche to have been the most damning influence on Friedrich Nietzsche’s memory and philosophical contributions. She stands condemned of distorting his works through forgery and willful misinterpretation of his philosophies to better suit her anti-Semitic agenda. There is no doubt that Elisabeth’s stance on, and response to, “The Jewish Question” was devastatingly reprehensible,...

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