People need people.  Like it or not- that is the simple truth.  Us humans are very social beings!  However, most individuals we come across in our lives come and go.  There one day and gone the next.  Be that as it may, the fortunate ones in this world will have someone who stays with them forever.  Through thick and thin… always there to provide love, support, and encouragement.  In J.B Teller’s novel, No Alcohol Beyond This Point, we are treated to a first-hand display of such loyalty and devotion.  A perfect read for those who thrive on stories about love and friendship, which are drenched with a very healthy dose of comedy and fun!

The novel follows the travels and escapades of two dynamic sisters named Joan and Mar.  The former has just experienced a life-altering event that threatens to bring her to her knees.  Life as she knows it is no more.  Fortunately for Joan, she has a secret weapon who goes by the name of Mar.  A devoted sister to the core.  To help get Joan out of her “funk,” Mar proposes the pair go on a cross-country tour from California to New York.  Let the games begin!  What follows is a hilarious journey filled with adventure and intrigue.  However, it also comes with sudden and unexpected romance.  Where did that come from?  That was not in Mar’s original plan!  Well… life does not always go according to plan, and we are about to find out how the spirited sisters will respond!

I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable novel to read.  The wacky and hilarious antics of the sisters kept me entirely in stitches with each passing page.  The author does a fantastic job at tying together all the kooky adventures into a smooth, flowing story.  So much so that she almost makes it all seen to be normal behavior!  How is Teller able to accomplish that, you may ask?  Simple really.  The story feeds off what we all really want and long for in life- freedom, love, and re-discovery.  Who would not want to join Joan and Mar on their journey?  All that being said, while this story may be a side-splitter, it is ultimately about friendship, love, and relationships.  That is what makes everything work so well.  It is the reason why this story is so powerful.

While the novel’s plot flows seamlessly through the pages, it is aptly supported by a whole host of genuine and authentic characters.  From the greaseball Frank to the steadfast Will.  Loving Thomas to the devoted Marie.  As readers, we can clearly picture these players.  They are real and believable people who we see each and every day.  The stars of the show are definitely Mar and Joan, however.  We are introduced to them in an outrageous fashion right from the onset of the story.  After that it is full steam ahead!  Their ongoing antics are hilarious and fit them to a tee.  Character development at its best.

Overall, I would highly recommend No Alcohol Beyond This Point.  It is a romantic comedy which is full of love, humor and excitement.  It will definitely grab you right from the start as it is relentless in its execution.

5 out of 5 Sisterly Stars for this one!