Have you ever wondered why it is that when things seem to be at their absolute worst- life can have this way of picking you back up again?  From the absolute bottom to a slow climb towards the top.  In truth, this is exactly what happens in many instances.  It is the normal cycle of life.  Be that as it may, such changes do not always occur naturally on their own, and require a little push.  In author Martin J. Best’s novel Ghost Hunter: A Matter of Faith, we are able to see just such a transformation in action.  A good thing too- for the haunting which is going to be encountered in this book is both evil and aggressive.  It will require an individual who is ready to ignite the smoldering fire within their belly to battle this horrific entity.  Enter Malachi Hunter…

Essentially, the novel follows the movements of the main protagonist Mal Hunter.  Having recently lost his father and witnessed his mother move in with a new love interest, Mal is understandably trying to come to terms with his tumultuous life.  However, this is easier said than done.  Mal has always been a social outcast and is unsure about how to pick himself back up… until he receives a fateful call.  A single mother by the name of Teena Maunder has become the victim of a terrifying and unfathomable haunting.  When she turns to Mal for assistance, the stage is set for an encounter with the supernatural unlike anything which Mal has ever faced before.  To make things even more complicated, a romance has been sparked between Mal and Teena.  Sensing the opportunity to finally change his life for the better, Mal tackles the haunting with everything he has in his arsenal.  However, a hideous entity stands in his way, and it has entirely different plans!

This is the second book of the Ghost Hunter Series and it picks up where the first work left off.  Events are interconnected and the plot unfolds in a seamless fashion.  This is supported by the very easy to read and smooth writing of the author.  The story events are harrowing and eerie, but they rely upon the psyche of the reader to truly garner a full reaction.  This is really the best type of response as it is authentically frightening.  Nothing is more powerful and engaging than to enter into someone’s mind and play with their imagination!  Also, the blossoming romance which develops between Mal and Teena adds a whole new dynamic to the story.  This is Mal’s chance to hit the “reset” button on his life and thus the stakes are critically high.  This adds a believability factor which is so vital for this type of story.

Wile the plot of A Matter of Faith is captivating, it is also aptly supported by well-developed and memorable characters.  What I like in particular in this series is the ability to watch the characters’ growth.  For instance, in only two books we are able to see a socially awkward Mal begin to develop more confidence and a burgeoning belief in himself.  This is the type of transformation which we are able to perceive in our everyday world, and as such it makes Mal a very believable character.  Also, the author cleverly introduces and begins to develop other players who will obviously come to have a great impact upon Mal and the overall series.

I would highly recommend this book to adult readers.  There is something in it for everyone and will tantalize your imagination in a ghostly fashion.

5 out of 5 Harrowing Stars for this one!