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How Can you Make a Bad Book Review Work in your Favor?

How Can You Make a Bad Book Review Work in Your Favor? Another morning has broken and you awaken to a shining sun and chirping birds.  You feel full of energy and ready to tackle anything the world happens to throw in your way.  Nothing can stop you!  In fact, it was not too long ago that you traded everything and set out on your journey to fulfill your dream of becoming an author.  You were relentless with your writing and published a pure work of art.  With all of this in the back of your mind you hop...

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How Can Indie Authors Get Book Reviews?

How Can Indie Authors Get Book Reviews?   Book reviews are essential for Indie authors.  Not only are they a key component of a sound marketing plan, but they also provide a source for potential readers to find out if a particular book is unique and worth buying. The simple reality is that the self-publishing industry has become exceptionally popular.  There are brand new Indie authors entering the market with each passing day.  This fact has positive and negative consequences for Indie authors and their readers alike.  The influx of new material means the selection is greater than ever. ...

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Why Should I Market my Book? A Book Marketing Guide for Indie Authors

Why Should I Market my Book? A Book Marketing Guide for Indie Authors   You have just completed writing a virtual masterpiece!  The words flow beautifully and seamlessly throughout the story.  The setting description is truly magnificent and your characters are developed so well that they actually feel as if they are part of the family!  There is no doubt about it…you have a winner on your hands!  Or do you?  The cruel truth is that writing that wonderful story is only part of what an indie author must do.  To be successful and self-sufficient in this industry, they...

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How Can Book Bloggers Help Indie Authors?

 How Can Book Bloggers Help Indie Authors? There can be very little doubt that writing a novel and having it published are very difficult things to accomplish.  This takes skill, determination, hard work, and some good old-fashioned luck!  Also, traditional publishers are very particular about the work they accept and it is notoriously difficult to land a deal with an established book publisher.  In response to these factors, many writers have turned to the world of independent publishing.  If others are not willing to take a chance on their novel…then they will publish it themselves!  Enter the realm of...

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What Do Book Bloggers Actually Do?

What Do Book Bloggers Actually Do? What do book bloggers actually do?  Let me count the ways a book blogger can contribute to this growing industry!  Book reviews are almost the lifeblood of book marketing as they offer social proof that a book is worthy of reading and engaging with. They also have a huge influence on the book-selling website algorithms. Book bloggers come in by offering their blogging platform to authors looking for a review of their work. Role of a Book Blogger Book bloggers produce an extensive amount of book-related content ranging from reading challenges, blog tours,...

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