Book Review Policy


I am here to help Indy authors hopefully get discovered.  As such my book reviews are honest, comprehensive and positive.  I will never strive to harm someone’s work.


If you would like a review please sign up on my mailing list (on the sidebar) and send an email to letting me know what work you would like reviewed.


  • I will not post reviews which are less than 3 stars.  If I agreed to review your book and I do not post a review, it is due to this condition.  I will send you a private email telling you my reasoning.

  • I will post your review to my blog, Amazon and Goodreads.  If you have an additional place you would like me to post it to please let me know.

  • I will consider requests for book reviews and interviews

  • I will not accept books in hardcover, paperback, ebook or by email.  I will purchase them for myself on  This ensures a 100% bias free review.

  • I always go to my mailing list first to select which books I will review.  The sign up form to my mailing list is on the top of the sidebar.

  • I do not have a preferential genre.  I love them all.

  • I will actively market your book on various platforms (such as Twitter) after I have reviewed it

  • There is no charge for my services.  If you are wondering why…please check out my About Me Page.

  • I do this when I am not working at my full-time job, so if I seem to be taking a while getting to your book just send me an email.


You can always reach me at