How would you react if you found out that everything you thought was true about your life turned out to be false.  A Grand Facade so to speak.  Most individuals would understandably react with a fair degree of anger and resentment.  However, others may see this as a golden opportunity.  A chance to create a better life for themselves in a way they had never imagined.  In her novel, At the End of the Sentence, author Brenda Guiton pens just such a scenario.  A perfect read for lovers of action-packed suspense sprinkled with a healthy dose of romance and mystery.

The novel essentially follows the journey of the protagonist, Kirsty Wilde.  A deathbed revelation by her mother is set to send shockwaves into Kirsty’s dismal world.  It turns out that Rick, the violent, incarcerated sociopath whom she has reluctantly called her father for all these years, is not her paternal parent at all.  In fact, her real father is a wealthy accountant named David Atherton.  However, David is from “the other side of the tracks” to Kirsty and does not even know that she exists.  In an attempt to create a bond with the Father that she never knew, Kirsty reaches out to a shell-shocked David.  What follows is the creation of a slow but steady connection between the two- despite the frosty reception of David’s current wife and pampered daughter.  Just when it seems that against all odds, father and daughter will truly reunite again, Rick comes back into the picture… and his intentions are pure evil.  Kirsty’s beloved dream is about to transform into a living nightmare.  Will she have the strength that is needed to overcome this malicious obstacle?  Or has her haunting past finally closed the door to any type of future joy and happiness?

Without a doubt, the plot of this novel has an awful lot of great things going for it.  It is full of twists and turns which will keep the reader continually guessing as to what is coming next.  The suspense is palpable and the events are cleverly woven together in a story which naturally builds in breathtaking excitement and gripping tension with each passing page.  In the midst of all of this, romance is in the air between a variety of characters.  The heartwarming love which is shown between the different players adds a whole new layer of drama and complexity to the tale.  The reader will find themselves rooting them on as they battle the onerous challenges which seek to impede their love.  Undoubtedly, they all have something worth fighting for which makes the entire story an entirely believable and thrilling journey.

While the plot of the novel is captivating, it is more than capably supported by a cast of authentic and realistic characters.  They are all on this rollercoaster ride together, and through their thoughts and actions the reader is given a front row seat on the journey.  The POV which is utilized with the cast of characters solidifies this as we are able to enter their minds and see what it is actually making them tick.  Very clever and brilliant writing!

Overall, this novel has a little bit of everything which will appeal to a wide variety of readers.  Suspense, mystery, romance and tragedy.  All spun into an intricate and engaging web of smooth flowing storytelling.

5 out of 5 Captivating Stars for this one!