Could there be anyone who walks this Earth today who has not had a number of challenges in their life? I would think not… life is hard! However, not everything in life is created equal. There are people who walk amongst us each day whose struggles are so profound and horrific that it is truly amazing they remain upright. A true testament to the human spirit. Prudence Aldrich is just one such individual. Freshly released from the “shielding walls” of rehab, Prudence must once again confront the demands and temptations of life head on. Will the pain of her past continue to define her existence? Or will Prudence find the resolve and inner-strength which is needed to climb out of this dark and cavernous pit? A Dress the Color of the Moon is a top pick for anyone who wants a front row seat into a raw and authentic portrayal of the human experience and the undeniable strength of the human spirit.

Essentially, the book is a follow-up to A Dress the Color of the Sky and picks up where it left off. Prudence has just been released from Serenity Hills rehab center where she was being treated for sex addiction. She must now take her newly learned skills and apply them to regular life. That is easier said than done after spending a good portion of her life letting the impulses and demons dictate her every step. Prudence returns to a failed marriage and an abandoned son who has been caught in the crossfire. This is coupled with a well-meaning but overbearing best friend and the reappearance of a charming and conflicted romantic interest with whom she met at the rehabilitation clinic. The perfect setup for failure! Can Prudence overcome the persistent urges and impulses which will give her that momentary escape and release she so desperately craves? Or is a return trip to Serenity Hills really just a foregone conclusion?

Without a doubt, the plot of this novel pulled me right in without mercy. At first I thought that was due to my own struggles and challenges. After all, we are always drawn first to that in which we can relate. However, that was not it. Instead, it is due to the writing which is beautiful, elegant and engaging. It travels back and forth through time so seamlessly that you truly feel as if you are there within the pages of the book. Experiencing the joys and hardships right along with Prue and crew. So vivid that you can actually taste it! Once the reader becomes immersed in this story, they are just unable to leave.

While the plot of this novel is mesmerizing… this really is a character driven novel. The human condition is meticulously examined as we explore the innermost thoughts of the various characters. Without these real, authentic characters, the story would not resonate with the sheer power in which it does. While we delve into Prudence the most, we are still able to explore the minds and motivations of other characters such as Mike and Alistair. They are beings with their own hopes, dreams and flaws. In essence… they are decidedly real.

All in all, A Dress the Color of the Moon is given my highest recommendation. The writing flows beautifully and the author has an uncanny ability to make meaningful connections with the reader’s own thoughts and dreams.

5 out of 5 Hypnotic Stars for this one!