Month: October 2020

Leonard’s books

A Dress the Color of the Moon
it was amazing
Could there be anyone who walks this Earth today who has not had a number of challenges in their life? I would think not… life is hard! However, not everything in life is created equal. There are people who walk amongst us each day who…
The Activist
it was amazing
Throughout their relatively short history, human beings as a group have consistently had a need to wield power. From the Pandyan to the Roman Empire, the need to exert control over others has been a notable characteristic of human civili…
The Dead Boxes Archive: Dark Tales of Horror and the Diabolical
it was amazing
Do you want the recipe for a truly frightening and horrific concoction? If so… start with one dash of a malevolent cell phone, followed by two scoops of a possessed stuffed dog. Add a pinch of a bus trip to Hell and a hefty serving of …
A Stray, Astray
it was amazing
There can be little doubt that humanity possesses endless instances of inherent cruelty and malevolence throughout the ages. Whether it be animal cruelty, environmental destruction, or pure hatred toward fellow human beings. When we exam…
Cur Dogs
it was amazing
As human beings continue to destroy old Mother Earth at an alarming rate, it is only a matter of time before we all discover a new planet in which to eradicate. One that has not yet known our toxic human touch and is both primitive- yet …

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