Month: September 2018

Sean Roberts By: F.L. Ruby

Sean Roberts by F. L. Ruby Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on June 9, 2017 Pages: 462 Goodreads Sean Roberts By:  F.L. Ruby Do you love your family?  The odds are extremely high that if you are lucky enough to have a family, then they will mean the world to you.  Would you ever purposefully hurt a family member?  Once again, the answer to that question is quite obvious…of course not!  That being the case, how would the world actually be different if all humans were essentially members of the same family?  If we were all as one? ...

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The Man in the Hall By:  B.L. Clark

The Man in the Hall By:  B.L. Clark I implore you to take a few minutes and read the local newspaper headlines or view the top news stories on the evening news.  What do you notice?  Chances are you will see stories of death, mayhem and discord.  That is not a dramatic or overly exaggerated statement.  It is true.  The “good news’ stories typically appear on the back pages or at the ending of a news broadcast.  They don’t tend to sell newspapers and there are just not as many good news stories out there!  Undoubtedly, human civilization as...

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Velvet By: Sacha Lanvin

VELVET (Commissaire Lefevre) by Sacha Lanvin Goodreads Velvet By: Sacha Lanvin What actually drives a murderer to callously take the life of another?  As with anything in life there has to be some sort of reason.  In the vast majority of cases, it undoubtedly has to do with an emotional investment.  The power of love and hate can be exceptionally strong!  If you add the perception of being persecuted or mistreated to the equation, you will very frequently end up with an unquenchable thirst for revenge.  Hate and revenge are dangerous things indeed.  In the novella Velvet by Sacha Lanvin,...

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