Month: June 2018

Tales from the Riverside By:  Larry Landgraf

Tales from the Riverside By:  Larry Landgraf   If you had the chance to pick anywhere on the planet in which to live, where would you choose?  Would it be in a thriving and bustling city which is full of all the conveniences and amenities any heart could possibly desire?  Maybe you would prefer to settle along a beautiful  beach, admiring the golden sand and enjoying the pleasant sea breeze which this location offers.  Pure tranquility at its best.  How about a swamp?  Yes…a swamp!  Does the thought of living alongside water containing rotting trees, pond scum, snakes, alligators...

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Michael’s Blood By:  S.S. Bazinet

Michael’s Blood By:  S.S. Bazinet   Is there truly some good in all of us?  Does even the darkest, coldest and most vile human being have some sort of saving quality?  Does their black soul have any chance at true redemption?  Can the sins of the past really be forgiven and rectified?  Or maybe those dark souls will be cast into a cavernous pit to suffer in solitude for their past evil deeds.  All chances at redemption virtually non-existent.  This is a well- known debate which has been fiercely waged amongst people for eons.  Now let’s add a peculiar...

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Coup De Grace By: Hollie Hausenfluck and Avrin Kelly

Coup De Grace By:  Hollie Hausenfluck and Avrin Kelly   Witches, Warlocks and Magic…Oh my! Do you consider yourself to be a fan of the paranormal genre?  Delightfully exploring the unknown and suspending that natural skepticism which seems to affect us all.  How about mysteries and crime thrillers?   Perhaps you like nothing better than a classic “whodunnit” as you team up with a cunning detective to solve a murder mystery.  If you answered in the affirmative to either of these questions, then Coup De Grace may be a good selection for your reading pleasure.  Authors Hollie Hausenfluck and Avrin...

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The Weight of Shadows By:  Karl Holton

The Weight of Shadows By:  Karl Holton   A thriller can be defined as a novel which creates strong feelings and emotions such as suspense, tension, fear and excitement.  Knowing that… do you enjoy a fast – paced crime thriller?  A story that will keep you spellbound from start to finish?  Where the action and events are so intense that they produce anxiety in your gut, but force you to keep turning the pages so you can see what happens next?  If you answered any of the preceding questions in the affirmative, then Karl Holton’s novel The Weight of Shadows,...

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