Month: June 2018

Beyond the Wicked Willow By:  M.J. Rocissono

by Joe Rocissono, M.J. Rocissono by Joe Rocissono, M.J. Rocissono Beyond the Wicked Willow By:  M.J. Rocissono What do you get when you mix a group of young, misfit adolescents with a cantankerous one-eyed man, a scrappy orphan girl and a cowardly knight?  Give up?  You get one whale of an imaginative and wickedly good story…that’s what!  Beyond the Wicked Willow by M.J. Rocissono is a tale which will aptly capture the reader’s imagination and magically enchant fantasy lovers everywhere! The story begins with our hero, 14 year-old Frankie Fretini, trying to escape the grasp of the notorious school...

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Suckers-  Living Like A Vampire By Jacky Dahlhaus

Living Like A Vampire by Jacky Dahlhaus Published by Jacky Dahlhaus on October 27, 2016 Genres: Fiction, Romance, Paranormal, Vampires Pages: 350 Format: eBook Goodreads Kate didn't have plans of becoming one of the super-strong, photo-phobic blood-suckers during Black October, 2004. These deadly hunters were people changed due to infection with the 'Succedaneum' virus and hence called 'suckers' for short. Kate rather adored her new life and career as a science teacher at Bullsbrook High, a country town in Maine (US). When the dangerous virus outbreak becomes a pandemic, Kate and her friends flee to a campground to hide....

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Tales from the Riverside By:  Larry Landgraf

by Larry Landgraf Genres: Biography & Autobiography, Cultural Heritage, Literary, Personal Memoirs Tales from the Riverside By:  Larry Landgraf If you had the chance to pick anywhere on the planet in which to live, where would you choose?  Would it be in a thriving and bustling city which is full of all the conveniences and amenities any heart could possibly desire?  Maybe you would prefer to settle along a beautiful  beach, admiring the golden sand and enjoying the pleasant sea breeze which this location offers.  Pure tranquility at its best.  How about a swamp?  Yes…a swamp!  Does the thought...

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Michael’s Blood By:  S.S. Bazinet

The Vampire Reclamation Project by S. S. Bazinet Published by Renata Press on 2013-04 Pages: 386 Format: eBook Goodreads A vampire named Arel is hell-bent or more precisely, heaven-bent, on freeing his soul! His plan is simple. He believes that he can reverse his cursed condition by ingesting a little angel blood. Michael, an incarnate angel and Arel's friend, advises that the remedy could be hazardous, but Arel is determined to take his chances. He won't entertain the thought of what terrible consequences could be in store for him. After the deed is done, Arel and Michael join forces...

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Coup De Grace By: Hollie Hausenfluck and Avrin Kelly

Coup De Grace By:  Hollie Hausenfluck and Avrin Kelly   Witches, Warlocks and Magic…Oh my! Do you consider yourself to be a fan of the paranormal genre?  Delightfully exploring the unknown and suspending that natural skepticism which seems to affect us all.  How about mysteries and crime thrillers?   Perhaps you like nothing better than a classic “whodunnit” as you team up with a cunning detective to solve a murder mystery.  If you answered in the affirmative to either of these questions, then Coup De Grace may be a good selection for your reading pleasure.  Authors Hollie Hausenfluck and Avrin...

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