Month: May 2018

Hunting Savage By: Dave Edlund

Hunting Savage: A Peter Savage Novel by Dave Edlund Published by Light Messages Publishing Genres: Thriller Format: eBook Goodreads When an unthinkable act of treason and a clandestine pact threaten to redraw the map of the Middle East, Peter Savage becomes both hunter and prey. “With a hero full of grit and determination, this action-packed, timely tale is required reading for any thriller aficionado.” —Steve Berry, New York Times and #1 international bestselling author of The 14th Colony, a Cotton Malone novel A free-lance hacker uncovers top-secret files about a government cover-up surrounding the 1967 Six-Day War and triggers...

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The Move By: Christopher McGoldrick

The Move By:  Christopher McGoldrick   There is just something about young love.  It is fierce and burning, yet fragile and fleeting.  Actions and reasoning are frequently clouded by a haze of passion and the perpetual fluttering in the stomach caused by an army of butterflies.  Indeed, it was Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince who said, “Oh to be young and to feel love’s keen sting.”  Make no mistake about it, young love is a tumultuous business!  However, it is also a treasured memory for so many of us.  Few people do not recall their first...

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Why Should I Market my Book? A Book Marketing Guide for Indie Authors

Why Should I Market my Book? A Book Marketing Guide for Indie Authors   You have just completed writing a virtual masterpiece!  The words flow beautifully and seamlessly throughout the story.  The setting description is truly magnificent and your characters are developed so well that they actually feel as if they are part of the family!  There is no doubt about it…you have a winner on your hands!  Or do you?  The cruel truth is that writing that wonderful story is only part of what an indie author must do.  To be successful and self-sufficient in this industry, they...

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Over the Pass, and Other Stories By:  Susan Mary Malone

Over the Pass, and Other Stories By:  Susan Mary Malone   In the wonderful world of fiction writing there are so many different types of genres and stories that virtually any reader will be able to find something which they enjoy.  Even within the same genres there are different approaches to writing which are really only limited by the author’s imagination.  These great authors will grab words from the air and put them down on paper so that they are colorful, captivating and intelligible.  They can provide the reader with much needed entertainment and escape.  While doing so, some...

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Tipping Point By: Terry Tyler

by Terry Tyler Tipping Point By: Terry Tyler Have you ever truly considered how you would react to an apocalypse?  How would you really respond to widespread destruction or disaster?  Most human beings pride themselves on their inherent kind and benevolent nature.  A unique human ability to live according to a strong sense of morality which has us look out for the welfare and well being of others.  However, what if these human beings we once sought to help and protect are now pitted against us in a struggle for survival?  Would you still follow that lofty moral standard? ...

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