Month: April 2018

Second Bite By: Lauren Stewart

Second Bite By: Lauren Stewart How far would you go to save the person you love?  I believe most people would absolutely insist that they would do whatever is needed to accomplish such a worthy goal.  All personal goals and dreams would be shoved aside to help the one they hold the most dear.  Total sacrifice in the name of love.  For lovers of true romance, with an added “vampire twist”, Second Bite by Lauren Stewart could be the novella for you! Essentially, the story begins with a party planner by the name of Olivia charged with organizing a birthday...

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Church Mouse By R.H. Hale

Church Mouse By R.H. Hale What would you do to survive?  There is little doubt that the human will to survive is powerful and determined.  However, what if survival meant a future existence of pure anguish and agony?  Would you still feel the same way?  Really?  Make no mistake, this is a very difficult question to answer unless you have actually been placed into such a predicament.  It is also exactly the same situation which the main character in R.H. Hale’s spellbinding novel, Church Mouse, finds herself in.  Anyone looking for an excellent piece of literary fiction with a...

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The Acorn Stories By: Duane Simolke

The Acorn Stories By: Duane Simolke There is perhaps no greater compliment which can be paid to an author than for a reader to say that they felt “part of” their story. That is when a writer knows that they have woven their craft in such a way that full engagement has been attained. When the reader closes the book, they still feel part of that world. This is something which Duane Simolke absolutely achieves in his book, The Acorn Stories. For those who are searching for a book which is written so well that you are able to...

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