Month: April 2018

Demon King By Erik Henry Vick

Demon King By Erik Henry Vick What do you get when you mix elements of fear, mystery, suspense, foreshadowing and a perfectly gripping plot?  Give up?  Well… if all of these elements are woven together in a seamless piece of writing, you will end up with one fantastic horror story!  This is exactly the case with Erik Henry Vick’s novel, Demon King.  This is one intense book you will just not be able to put down as it will captivate, engross and horrify you from start to finish. The story begins in 1979 in a tiny town by the...

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The Game:  Beta Testing   By:  A.  Dalcourt

The Game:  Beta Testing   By:  A.  Dalcourt   When we think about education and high school, our minds often picture studying and sitting through classroom lectures.  However, perhaps the most exciting things which happen for most students in high school occur outside of the classroom.  Indeed, the many clubs and teams which are offered in schools are frequently the memories which people will recall the best and the most fondly.  One such activity which garners a lot of interest and keen excitement in most schools is the Drama Club.  In her novel, The Game:  Beta Testing, A. Dalcourt captures...

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Shadowland: A Tale From The Dark Ages By: C.M. Gray

Shadowland By C.M. Grey   Perhaps one of the most popular legends ever told is that of King Arthur.  It has been portrayed in books, comics, plays, and countless feature films.  Full of striking characters, heroism and magical acts, the tale of King Arthur has captivated and engrossed people for ages.  However, have you ever wondered how the legend of King Arthur came to be?  What was the background, and inspiration which led to names such as Arthur and Merlin becoming so beloved and recognizable?  Enter Shadowland: A Tale from the Dark Ages, by C.M. Gray.  All fans of...

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God is a Bedlamite By: Katie Salvo

God is a Bedlamite By: Katie Salvo   “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”  Have you heard that quotation before?  How about, “There are no facts, only interpretations?”  These quotations are found countless times in current society and are commonly used in areas such as motivational coaching and marketing.  However, consider this next quotation, “God is dead, but considering the state of the species man is in, there will perhaps be caves for ages yet in which his shadow will be shown.”  That quotation is certainly not very motivational or uplifting.  Yet all of these pontifications came...

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How Can Book Bloggers Help Indie Authors?

 How Can Book Bloggers Help Indie Authors? There can be very little doubt that writing a novel and having it published are very difficult things to accomplish.  This takes skill, determination, hard work, and some good old-fashioned luck!  Also, traditional publishers are very particular about the work they accept and it is notoriously difficult to land a deal with an established book publisher.  In response to these factors, many writers have turned to the world of independent publishing.  If others are not willing to take a chance on their novel…then they will publish it themselves!  Enter the realm of...

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