Month: March 2018

Soul Thief By: Jeff Chapman

Soul Thief By: Jeff Chapman I would hazard a guess that the majority of people like to have some “alone time.”  Being alone gives us the chance to relax and rejuvenate without having to worry about the expectations of others.  However, what happens when you go overboard with this precious time, and covet it so much that you overtly abandon your friends and family?  In Soul Thief, author Jeff Chapman attempts to provide an answer to just such a problem. In this very brief novelette, the main character, James, is invited out by his family but once again chooses...

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Call Drops By: John F. Leonard

Call Drops By: John F. Leonard What actually makes a great horror story?  This seems like such a simple question, but in reality it is quite complex.  Great horror writing does much more than simply scare or terrify the reader.  Indeed, it will include elements such as mystery, suspense, fear, foreshadowing and a plot which will really make the reader think!  To add to all of these, the story has to have strong, yet tragic characters, as well as a perfectly outlined setting which will set the mood for the tale.  Otherwise, all you are really left with is...

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Six Men By: David Mckee

Six Men By David Mckee   You cannot possibly consider the evolution of human civilization without discussing warfare and conflict.  It has absolutely been an implicit part of the human experience.  Unfortunately, warfare, and all the pain, terror and heartbreak which it brings, has been a common theme in the history of human civilization.  It is also a very difficult and complex topic.  That being said, can a 36 page picture book clearly bring into focus the true tragedy and various complexities of human conflict and warfare?  Is that really possible?  In his book, Six Men, this is exactly...

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