Month: March 2018

Ill-Gotten Games By B.V. Lawson

Ill-Gotten Games By B.V. Lawson   Law, order and justice are the cornerstones of a civilized society.  Without them, things can quickly progress to chaos and anarchy.  That being said, justice can often be interpreted in many different ways, or be missing altogether.  For instance, being falsely convicted of a crime which one did not commit is one of the greatest miscarriages of justice which exists.  It will in turn lead to a lack of confidence in a justice system which is designed to maintain law and order.  For that very reason, the purveyors of the criminal justice system...

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The Dead Wake Anthology By: Ellie Douglas

The Dead Wake Anthology by Ellie Douglas Goodreads   What does travelling in outer space, visiting babies at the hospital and eating KFC at the mall all have in common?  Give up?  They are all ideal locations for flesh eating zombies to infiltrate- that’s what!  In her work, The Dead Wake Anthology, author Ellie Douglas presents 10 very imaginative and perfectly creepy tales of the undead.  If you are a fan of horror and the zombie genre, then this collection of stories is absolutely a must read! There can be little doubt that zombies are a popular topic in...

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Winter Arrives: Secrets in the Snow By: Roz Marshall

Winter Arrives: Secrets in the Snow By:  Roz Marshall Book Review: Do you really have any idea of what you are truly capable of doing?  Do any of us?  There can be little doubt that we all have our own unique comfort zones and loathe the idea of stepping outside of them.  However, what if we are not given a choice?  Will we step up to the challenge…or sink back into the familiar shadows?  In her short story, Winter Arrives: Secrets in the Snow, Roz Marshall presents just such a conundrum.  If you are a fan of the underdog,...

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A Comparison between EBooks and Paperback: Does it Make a Difference?

A Comparison between EBooks and Paperback: Does it Make a Difference? Reading is an essential aspect of life and more people are taking it up as a hobby at any age. With that being said, the coming of the digital age brought about a variety of reading innovations along with it. Paperback books came first and seemed to be unrivalled for a while until modern technology came up with virtual books, or eBooks that people seemed to take to with unbridled enthusiasm. After all, these virtual books allowed avid readers to have as many books as they wanted and...

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A Flicker of Shadows By: M.N. Seeley

A Flicker of Shadows By: M.N. Seeley What do you get when you mix an Inspector, a lunatic and a bat (yes…a bat) together?  Give up?  You get one heck of an awesome story- that’s what!  Author M.N. Seeley has penned a unique and excellent piece of literary fiction with his book, A Flicker of Shadows.  If you enjoy being transported back in time to a land of intriguing suspense and contrasting realities, then this book is just what you are looking for. As always, I will attempt to give an appropriate summation of the book without actually giving...

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