Month: March 2018

What Do Book Bloggers Actually Do?

What Do Book Bloggers Actually Do? What do book bloggers actually do?  Let me count the ways a book blogger can contribute to this growing industry!  Book reviews are almost the lifeblood of book marketing as they offer social proof that a book is worthy of reading and engaging with. They also have a huge influence on the book-selling website algorithms. Book bloggers come in by offering their blogging platform to authors looking for a review of their work. Role of a Book Blogger Book bloggers produce an extensive amount of book-related content ranging from reading challenges, blog tours,...

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Tyrker’s Tale By : Robin Ingle

Tyrker’s Tale By : Robin Ingle One of the most romanticized groups in history has to be the Vikings.  There are countless legends, books and films about the Viking age.  However, there are also countless misconceptions about the Vikings as they were certainly not as exotic and glamorous as they are frequently portrayed.  While they did pillage and raid villages and monasteries which were primarily along the coastline, the Vikings also spent a great deal of time trading and farming.  Also, they were very active in the slave trade and made a lot of their riches by selling the...

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Vengeance of an Evil Man By: Robert D. Turvil

Vengeance of an Evil Man By:  Robert D. Turvil How far would you go to avenge a perceived wrong?  Would you stop at nothing to inflict your vengeance?  Or maybe you would turn the other cheek and simply walk away.  The notion of revenge has been around for as long as humanity itself, and undoubtedly always will be.  Centuries ago, William Shakespeare sums up this notion quite well in his play, The Merchant of Venice: “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And...

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Why Are Book Reviews Important For Authors?

Why Are Book Reviews Important For Authors? Essentially, book reviews are scholarly summaries, or opinions about the literary work of an author. Books are usually reviewed for websites, blogs, magazines, or newspapers and are an amazing way for authors to get their books in front of an audience. Book reviews are deemed as publicity for writers, as they connect them directly to an audience of eager book readers who are determined to tell others about a good read and are intrinsically enthusiastic about literature. Publishing a book is absolutely an exciting milestone for any author!  However,  you may have...

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The Dennis Bisskit Adventures By:  Stephen Ainley

The Dennis Bisskit Adventures By:  Stephen Ainley There can be little doubt that we live in an age of rapid technological advancements.  The world seems smaller and more connected than ever before.  In such an environment, there is an ongoing battle to gain the often fleeting interest of the people within this society.  This can be a difficult task in a world which is frequently characterized by the need for instant gratification.  Television, video games, social media and the Internet have become constant staples and sources of entertainment in this culture.  Not that there is anything particularly wrong with...

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Books Reviewed This Year

I have reviewed 72 books so far this year.

48% – 72 out of 150 books reviewed

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