Month: February 2018

Mannethorn’s Key By: Simon Lindley

Mannethorn’s Key By:  Simon Lindley  Do you enjoy escaping your reality and entering into a new world of excitement and adventure?  A place where you can forget all your troubles and be transported to a land of fantasy and reverie?  If so, then author Simon Lindley’s novel, Mannethorn’s Key, is just what you are looking for! Essentially, the story focuses upon the epic journey of characters from two very different worlds.  First of all, there is Algarth Willowbrow; a wizard whose previous order lies in virtual ruins.  Possessing greatly diminished powers, he is set to face his ultimate enemy…Grailborn! ...

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Luna The Moon Pig, The Pig Who Hid. By Suzy Davies

Luna the Moon Pig The Pig Who Hid. Written by:  Suzy Davies Illustrated by:  Sheila Graber Are you satisfied with the way you look?  When staring at yourself in the mirror, do you only see the imperfections that you wish you could change?  Or, maybe you are perfectly content with your reflection and are able to confidently face each day with a burning zest and optimism.  To which way of thinking do you belong?  If it is the former, then you have a lot in common with Luna the Moon Pig.  This is a delightful children’s book (ages up...

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The Undernet By: J.S. Frankel

The Undernet By:  J.S. Frankel If you like intense thrillers…then get ready to go on an emotional roller coaster with The Undernet by J.S. Frankel.  This book is definitely not your typical piece of YA fiction! The story follows the main character, Milt Edwards, who has just completed his final year of high school and is looking forward to the next phase of his life.  Indeed, with his girlfriend Robbie and his best friend Simon at his side, he is ready to tackle the world.  No longer will he have to worry about the taunts of oversized jocks who...

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A World Without Color By: Bernard Jan

A World Without Color By: Bernard Jan Have you ever loved someone so much that you could not envision your life without them?  A love so powerful that it continuously permeated your thoughts and intensified your happiness and contentment?  Have you ever felt that way about someone?  What if that someone was a cat?  Have you changed your mind?  If not, then I am guessing you are a true animal lover, similar to Bernard Jan who has penned this gripping and emotional novella. A World Without Color is about a cat named Marcel and his owner, Bernard Jan, who...

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