Month: February 2018

Sister Witch: The Life of Moll Dyer By: David W. Thompson

Sister Witch: The Life of Moll Dyer By: David W. Thompson Are you a fan of historical fiction?  Perhaps you enjoy action, adventure and even the supernatural?  If you answered in the affirmative to any of these questions, then Sister Witch: The Life of Moll Dyer, may be just what you are looking for! The story is focused upon the main character, Moll Dyer, who travels to Maryland from England with her Uncle Sean.  She is basically forced to leave as she had been assaulted and left pregnant by her attacker.  For an unwed woman to be in such...

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Jitters By: Ken Stark

Jitters By:  Ken Stark   What is your most primal fear?  What makes you cringe and squirm when you think about it?  Does your heart pound and palms sweat?  Does your fear follow you from your conscious state into terrifying nightmares as you enter the subconscious world of sleep?  There is no doubt that we all have our own unique phobias.  Things that cause genuine terror even when they merely cross our thoughts…let alone actually encounter them in real life.  If yours are of the creepy, crawly kind, get ready to be terrified to the core with Jitters! Essentially,...

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Death By Diploma By: Kelley Kaye

Death By Diploma By: Kelley Kaye Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes at your typical high school?  Are the teachers and administration as tedious and mundane as they seem?  If these questions have ever crossed your mind, prepare to have these assumptions shaken up as you are transported to Jefferson High… where things are anything but normal! The story begins with our pretty, young heroine, Emma, having left her home and lecherous former husband to start a new life in Pinewood Colorado.  She is set to start her first teaching assignment at Jefferson High and is an energetic, bundle of nerves.  Emma quickly befriends another more experienced teacher named Leslie, who proceeds to introduce her to the various interesting and amusing teachers and administration at the school.  However, when Melvin the school janitor is found murdered, the two lady teachers team up to try and solve the crime on their own.  What follows is a series of adventures and misadventures as the pair discover a multitude of clues on their quest to unravel the mystery.  Will they succeed?  Or will they find themselves to be the next victims in this intriguing mystery. Essentially, this story is designed for fans of mysteries, but I would contend that there is something in it for fans of all genres and various age groups.  The author does a...

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The Six Secrets Of Change By: Michael Fullan

The Six Secrets Of Change By: Michael Fullan   There can be little doubt that we are currently living in a rapidly changing society.  Advanced technology and integrated communication systems have made the world seem smaller than ever before.  For leaders and organizations to thrive, they need to embrace change and respond to the evolving needs of a dynamic society.  Be that as it may, it is actually quite ironic that change in itself is one of the hardest things to effectively implement.  Whether you are in a public service such as education, or run a multimillion dollar corporation…people...

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Magnetic Reverie By: Nico J. Genes

  Magnetic Reverie By:  Nico J. Genes   Have you ever had a dream which was so vivid and intense that you felt it simply had to be real?  A dream which made you forget about your current reality in hopes of continuing to explore this exciting land of milk and honey?  Were you really able to fully distinguish the dream from the real world?  If so… which one did you prefer?  Powerful thoughts indeed!  If this sounds intriguing to you, then you will absolutely love author Nico J. Genes’s novel, Magnetic Reverie. The story essentially travels back and...

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