Month: January 2018

Where Can I Find A Freelance Writing Job Online?

Where Can I Find A Decent Freelance Writing Job Online? If you are a freelance writer, you may have tried many different platforms to earn money using your writing skills but received precious little back in return.  That can certainly be deflating and frustrating.  However, there are many places online where people can find a freelance writing job and can make a tidy sum while doing what they truly love. Unfortunately, many Internet users do not understand how online earning works and perceive it as sketchy and even fraudulent.  While that can certainly be the case in particular instances,...

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How Can I Manage My Time as a Freelance Writer?

Time Management for Freelance Writers: Operating your own freelance writing business can be an incredibly demanding and time-consuming venture.  It is often a thankless task which includes juggling a multitude of obligations at the same time.  Competing stakeholders such as clients, friends and family are all looking for your attention.  In such an environment, a freelance writer is in a virtual battle with the hands of the clock.  Every second of the day is precious as there is so much to be done and no room for wasted minutes.  Perhaps Michael Altshuter, the noted motivational speaker and coach, said...

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Why Bother With Writing Contests and Conferences?

Why Bother With Writing Contests and Conferences? There is little doubt that breaking into the world of freelance writing can be quite tough.  It is an extremely competitive, time-consuming and demanding profession.  Indeed, the job does not just involve writing.  That is the easy part!  As a freelancer you have to job search, research, write, proofread, design and market.  In fact, the tasks are virtually endless.  If someone is lacking in organizational skills and willpower, they can easily turn a ten-minute marketing session on Twitter into a full day experience.  Considering all of this, when a good opportunity comes...

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Books Reviewed This Year

I have reviewed 72 books so far this year.

48% – 72 out of 150 books reviewed

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