Month: January 2018

Arcadia Falls By: Ken Stark

Arcadia Falls By:  Ken Stark   Hands up if you can remember your high school days.  Or maybe you are actually still in high school?  Whatever the case may be, if those memories are fresh, meaningful and vivid, then you are going to love Arcadia Falls.  It is a very clever tale which incorporates humor and horror in a brilliant fashion.  This novel is perfect for the young adult crowd, however, anyone from ages 12 to 100 will enjoy and become engrossed in the story. As is stated in print on the wickedly effective cover of the book:  Something...

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What Makes A Great Writer?

What Makes A Great Writer? There can be little doubt that the world is full of good writers.  You can see their work pretty much anyplace you go.  From self-published novels to various social media accounts… the written word is everywhere!  So much for the death of writing which so many felt visual platforms like Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram would bring.  Even those require good writing in one form or another to introduce and convey a message.  Also, where there is writing it can only naturally be assumed that reading will follow.  Make no mistake, the age of technology...

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Zen Alpha By: Sionnach Wintergreen

Zen Alpha  By: Sionnach Wintergreen Have you ever found yourself in a bad relationship?  A situation where you knew you were being treated terribly, but still kept going back for more?  If you answered in the affirmative to that question, you have an awful lot in common with Bradley Evans.  Sionnach Wintergreen has penned a sensitive and heartwarming male/male romance which will suck you in almost from the very outset and keep you engrossed throughout. In this tale, Bradley Evans is certain that his future happiness unquestionably lies with and Alpha Male.  Someone who asserts his dominance in such a...

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Amelia’s Autumn Trail by Haley Belinda

Amelia’s Autumn Trail by Haley Belinda: I recently had the pleasure of reading Amelia’s Autumn Trail which was written and illustrated by Haley Belinda.  This is a storybook which was penned for toddlers and young children, yet somehow manages to trigger sweet and pleasant memories for the adult reader as well. Essentially, the story follows a little girl named Amelia who enjoys daily walks with her Dad in the woods.  Along these walks they discover the joys of nature and the beauty of the Autumn season.  Together, they embrace the wonder of nature’s colors and the diversity of living...

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Freelance Writing Mistakes To Avoid

Freelance Writing Mistakes To Avoid Freelancing is a dream for many – you get to enjoy a lot of freedom, decide how your day is spent, take a vacation whenever you feel best, and avoid the challenges of dealing with an unfriendly boss. When the writing business is added to freelancing, a bigger, yet fascinating opportunity opens up – yes, you get to write down your thoughts – for a fee. However, this dream is hardly a reality for many as avoidable mistakes may be made over time. Learning from the mistakes of others can be really helpful –...

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